Monday, August 27, 2012

Mount Rainier - Then and Now

Mount Rainier - Then - 6 years ago in August, 2006 when we summited!

a view of Mount Adams (and Ethan in the background :-) ) - on our way up

Tom & Becky - on the summit of Rainier - 14, 410 ft. - August, 2006

on the way down

Alex (our guide) and Becky - a must deserved rest on the way down below the crevasses

hiking to the right of this craziness!  but isn't it beautiful!

Tom - he looks like a true mountaineer!

Mount Rainier - Now - We didn't plan it this way but we ended up back at this magnificent mountain almost 6 years to the day!  When we first arrived in the area we took a drive to check her out again.  She's still a beauty!

spring flowers in full bloom!

After we quickly decided we had no interest in summiting again, we opted for a 3 day backpacking trip on the north and northwest sides of the mountain (opposite of the side we climbed, for a different view) to a maximum elevation of approx. 5,400 instead of 14, 410!  We hiked along the Wonderland Trail which is 93 miles long and encircles Mount Rainier.  How fun it would be to do the entire trail but we only had time for a small portion of it totaling approx. 27 miles in 3 days.  There is no road leading up to these views!

I was a little nervous on this bridge!

Carbon Glacier

a room with a view (looking out our tent)

where else do you get a view like this from the commode?! (overlooking Carbon Glacier)

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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