Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's play pickleball!

Seaside, Oregon - September 14-15, 2012 - My first pickleball tournament!

We planned our time in Washington to get us to Seaside, OR in time for the tournament but when we arrived we found out it was pushed back a week.  Many of us (the group we met back in May in Cottonwood, AZ as well as new friends we just met in Seaside) had decided we would skip it and move on at our originally planned times.  However, as the weeks went by and we were all having so much fun playing together (and of course socializing over food and drinks) we all extended our stays and entered the tournament.  Unfortunately, Tom was suffering from a leg/hip pain (and saving himself for the Saint Helens climb) so he was unable to play but was a great coach, supporter and photographer!  

Friday, September 14 - Tournament Kick-off - Ladies & Mens Doubles 

Georgetta Smith and I teamed up and entered the Intermediate Level.  Although I just started playing in January, I was told I am not a beginner and had to play at the Intermediate Level.  I kept telling myself this is just for fun and it's like any other day...just going out and playing with a bunch of people.  Ok, so that's not really the case.  I was nervous for our first set of games (best out of 3) until we got out there, won our first game (now we're warmed up) and then won our second game.  Next we had to play our good friends Sandy & Rita in another best out of 3. Before we started we all agreed that we still love each other no matter what happens.  :-)   Let's just say these were very tough games.  We won the first game (playing a full game with a score of 12-10 - you play to 11 but need to win by 2 points).  They won the second game (again with a score of 12-10 - long games!) and then we came back and won the third game (AGAIN with a score of 12-10).  Phew!  By this time we were pretty tired but still had many games to play.  We ended up playing a total of 12 games that day and came out with a Silver Medal!  Woo hoo!  Not bad for my first tournament.



I look a little too serious!
Our friends all got medals as well.  A good day for the gang!  Congratulations, everyone!
Alan & Ed

Matt & Jim

John (Georgetta's hubby) & Rick

Sue & Trudy

Sandy & Rita

Becky & Georgetta

Saturday, September 15 - Mixed Doubles
I woke up a little sore after 12 games the previous day!  But now it's time to play with Alan Gugin in the Intermediate Level Mixed Doubles.  We both agreed that if we were eliminated in the first 2 matches (4 or 6 games) we wouldn't be upset as he was a bit tired from his games the day before as well. didn't work quite as planned.  We ended up playing 8 games and came out with a Bronze Medal!  Another great day but boy were we happy to be finished.

Next tournament?  Who knows!

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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