Friday, October 18, 2013

Patience pays off!

We arrived in Whites City, NM (the middle of nowhere!) in the middle of the shutdown.  We decided to stick it out a few days, which turned into a week, in hopes of the government reopening in time for us to visit two National Parks in the area.  I know, it was just one week but it seemed like forever since there really is nothing within one hundred miles of here!  It was actually good for us to relax for a week (even though I was going stir crazy since you know I'm not good at sitting still too long), wash the RVand catch up on things put aside for a while.  
salt flats (filled with water from the heavy rains a month ago) - Guadalupe Peak in the distance

ok - so we did sort of sneak past this little sign and took a hike (twice) inside the park (while it was still closed)

view of our campground from the trail inside the park (see - NOTHING around here)

Guadalupe Peak in the distance

beautiful...but a whole lot of nothing around

Carlsbad Caverns National Park - Although we are not really big cave people (especially Tom!), we truly enjoyed this one as it is absolutely beautiful and enormous!  For a week we looked at the hills behind us and had no idea the size of the caverns that are under those hills.  FINALLY we got to check it out!

Guadalupe Mountains National Park - home of Guadalupe Peak - highest peak in Texas at 8,749ft.
8.5 miles round trip - 2 hours 35 minutes up; 35 minutes on top; 2 hours down - Great hike and our 15th state high point!

Tomorrow we leave for Big Bend National Park in Texas on the border of Mexico.  We will stay there one week before heading further east in Texas.

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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