Monday, April 7, 2014

Georgia and South Carolina

On Wednesday we continue our journey north and will stay in Lenoir, NC for 10 days.  We've enjoyed the past 2.5 weeks in South Carolina with friends and hiking here and in nearby Georgia.   

Jay and Becky are the first couple we met while RV'ing.  We met in the pool at the campground in Hershey and they still live in the York area.  We've been in touch ever since and had a great time getting together (by chance) in South Carolina.  They were here to drop off a friend on the AT who is going to thru-hike.  Their friends, Dave & Toni, were here as well and we had a blast getting to know each other.
Janet welcomed us as Guests of the Day at Carolina Landing RV Resort!  Thanks, Janet!

Becky and her spoiled baby, Molli

Jay and Becky

Toni and Sparky (notice he has his own campfire chair!)
Split Creek Farm - We visited this goat farm in Nov. 2011 and wanted to introduce our friends to this great place.  We enjoyed checking out the farm and all of the animals and another day Tom & I were able to help out for a few hours.
Tom collecting eggs on the farm

1-2 week old babies

the dogs on the farm loved the non dog lover

Becky, Becky, Consuelo and Toni in the shop at the farm
getting fresh water for the goats

2 week old babies
Ice cream stop at Clemson University - Exchange 55
Jay, Becky, Toni, Dave
Tallulah Gorge

Oconee State Park - Winding Stairs - There was a prescribed burn along the road to our hike which made the hike a little smoky but still beautiful.  Tis the season for wildflowers.

Panther Creek Falls

Congaree National Park - We had hoped to kayak the Canoe Trail but due to over 20 downed trees we had to stick to the land trails.  It's a small park but a beautiful area.

On the way back we made a last minute stop to see Tom's cousins, Billy and Debra.

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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