Thursday, February 5, 2015

Greetings from FL (catching up on PA time)

Before I can give you the update on FL I need to do a little catching up (it's finally a rainy day in FL so I can't be out playing in the sun).  

After Canada we returned to PA September through mid-December to catch up with family and friends and so Tom could do a little hunting (he did get 2 deer).  

We have an addition to our family!  Moxie was adopted in September from Paws for Life in MD.  She was approximately 9 months old when we got her and she's a Terrier mix.  She's been such a great RV traveling and hiking companion.  While she loves chasing deer and squirrels in PA she has quickly caught on to chasing birds and dolphins on the beach in FL.  

Meet Moxie!
looking a little scruffy on her ride home from the rescue!

hiking with her buddy, Shiraz

all cleaned up after her "spa" day with Sheree Dietz

We enjoyed a celebration with Sherpa, who hiked the AT last year.  I had the pleasure of hiking with him for a day at the end of PA into NJ.  Way to go, Sherpa!
Up front to right - Chris (Sherpa's wife), Jay, Becky
and in the back with the beard (like you couldn't guess it was him)- Sherpa!
Our grandkids - Noah, Drew and Sophia

Mount Gretna Halloween Parade

GiGi (me) having fun with Drew's costume
Tea time with the girls - Mary Ellen, Susan and Susan's mom - great day!

my nephews Jax and Taite
It was a sad year with losing several friends and family members.  We got to enjoy some quality time with my birth mom before she passed away in November.
Becky, Janet, Fran, my sister-Paula, and birth mom-Faith

my nephew Sean and his girlfriend

my brother, Michael, and our Aunt Karen & Uncle Paul

Christmas with the family - Tom's daughters Becky & Holly

proud Pap Pap with Sophia

Merry Christmas!
Stay tuned for scenes from an AZ getaway trip!

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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