Saturday, April 9, 2016

Big Island Adventures

9 days flew by and we packed a lot into that time frame.  What a great island!

Volcanoes National Park - Incredible place to visit to see where the flow went into the ocean and to view the fumes and glow from the active lava lake.
The fumes are coming from the lava lake in this deep crater

The glow from the lava lake.
After dark is the only time to see this glow as the lake is too far down to see from the park except via a helicopter ride
the small crater - not active

a hike in the crater

Tom's glasses are all fogged from the steam vents throughout the park

where the lava flowed into the ocean - last time was 2 years ago

Beaches - even though the Big Island isn't known for the biggest white sand beaches, it sure does have some unique beaches right up our alley!

Black Sands Beach - a popular spot for swimmers and sea turtles

they planted palm trees on this black sands beach after the last lava flow wiped everything out
Green Sands Beach - the only way to get here is on a local's 4WD vehicle (these roads beat up the vehicles and it's a maze to find your way through) or a 6 mile round trip hike.  We opted for the hike along the beautiful coast.

Snorkeling - we found a hidden little treasure of a cove to snorkel in.  While the mass of people were all crowded about a mile down the road we had this little gem almost to ourselves.

The TRUE southern most point of the US - it's not in Key West!

Waterfalls!  The east side of the island is full of beautiful waterfalls due to all of the rain.
Boiling pools

Rainbow Falls
Akaka Falls
 While we are enjoying island time, Ed and Sandy Smith are enjoying doggie time.  They are taking great care of our little Moxie and send us daily updates and pictures.  Here is one of my favorites - Ed taking Moxie for a run.  She's having so much fun at the Smith's Summer Camp!  Thanks!

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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