Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living the Dream!

It's hard to believe it's been almost 2 weeks since our last post.  I know, many of you are wondering what in the world we are doing that we can't post more often.  Hey, we're busy!  We've got lots of trails in the Delaware Water Gap area to cover, lots of biking trails to cover and don't forget the Delaware River.  We've spent most of our days hiking this incredible National Recreation Area to see the many beautiful waterfalls and lush forests.  We even had the pleasure of seeing a black bear on one of our hikes on the New Jersey side.  What a rush!  Unfortunately he didn't hang around long enough for a photo shoot.  :-(
Dingmans Falls w/Brenda & Joe

We've also spent time on the McDade Recreational Trail on our bikes.  This isn't like the Rail Trails we are used to back home (as we quickly found out when we had to push our bikes up some pretty big hills).  Take me back to my mountain biking days!  This trail runs 31 miles along the Delaware River with great views of the river and lots of variety in the woods.

We had a great float 10 miles down the Delaware River one gorgeous day.  It was nice to see the landscape from a different perspective.  We were fortunate enough to see 4 Eagles during our float - what majestic birds.  The river was crystal clear and the perfect temp for a swim along the way as well as for a picnic waterside.  

Deer, deer and more deer!  We see deer daily, many times in our campground and even right next to our site.  We also see groups of deer every time we drive down to the trails or to the store.  They are not afraid of anyone.  We actually are now bored with them and don't even stop to take pictures (we already took more than enough!).  These guys pictured above are part of a bachelor herd of 10 that we see almost every day either lying down in the woods by the road, grazing in someone's yard or just hanging out by the road.  They are amazing!  They were a little nicer than the bear and did allow us a wonderful photo shoot. 

We truly feel we are living the dream and remind ourselves of this almost daily!  We're not taking for granted what we are doing as we know we are very fortunate to have this opportunity.  Ahhh...home sweet home! 

Til next time...happy trails! 

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