Monday, August 29, 2011

TB Free survived Irene

home sweet home
All is well in Detroit, Maine (just west of Bangor).  We hunkered down next to my cousin's house and waited out the storm.  There was lots of rain on Sunday and the winds started in the afternoon.  We lost power around 5:30pm until 1am.  Even without power we enjoyed a wonderful surf-n-turf dinner lit by Coleman lantern. 

my cousin Lamar and our upcoming dinner

Our awesome dinner with Lamar & Betsy

This morning we woke up to beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine.  Jean, their horse, is even smiling this morning with her head poking out of the barn to get a little fresh air.  Although the storm was not too bad here, I'm hoping we don't go through too many of these! 

Tuesday we head up to Baxter State Park (moved back a day due to the weather) to climb Katahdin on Wednesday.  We'll tent camp in the park for 3 nights.  The weather looks great for the rest of the week so we plan to have a great hike and make it to the summit this time (we did not make the summit in Sept. 2008 due to the tail of a hurricane in the area producing crazy winds on the mountain)!

Til next time...happy trails!


  1. Good luck on your summit attempt! If you can do Rainier and Kili, you can do Katahdin.


  2. Great seeing you having fun!! Retirement fits you!!

    Andrew Byrd