Monday, September 26, 2011


In the beginning of our blog we talked about our motto...Simplify.  We spent a lot of time simplifying by getting rid of the clutter in our lives...the big house and almost everything in it, the extra clothes, the extra kitchen items, the extra tools, etc.  Now we've come to a point where it's time to simplify again but in a different way.  This time simplify means being able to cook a bigger meal and have leftovers for another day or two; not needing to go to the grocery store several times a week; spending much less time moving things back and forth from underneath the RV to the Jeep when it's time to move; spending much less time looking for things and moving them around in the small spaces we have; being able to buy things in bulk packs to save money and trips to the store; being able to invite friends over for dinner even when it's pouring down rain or 110 degrees...

So in this spirit of simplifying we introduce the newest member of our RV family (which we will pick up today)...

2001 Monaco Windsor - Diesel - Class A

Til next time...happy trails!


  1. Nice new wheels! I am so happy for you both, the simplification of your lives sounds so wonderful. We miss you and I think of you often, wondering what adventures you are up to. Thank you for this blog, a great way to stay close with such great friends! Can I get a "Woo Hoo"? : )

    Jen Young

  2. Woo Hoo !!! That's a big one! Now you have more room for stow aways like us. See you soon...miss you lots
    Brenda & Joe