Sunday, September 13, 2015

High Points #33 and #34!

3 days + 1,083 miles (in the car - not the RV) + 18 hours driving time = 2 more state high points to add to our list!

We started with a quick overnight stop in Medina, OH to visit Tom's cousin, Mark, and family (Kim and Brieann) but in our haste we forgot to get a picture.  :-(

Next stop - Campbell Hill, OH - the highest point at a big 1,549 ft.!  US High Point #41 and our #33.  This one, as you can expect, took much longer to drive to than to walk up to.  We climbed the big hill and enjoyed our "summit" time with Moxie as this was her first official high point with us.

Next stop - Hoosier Hill, IN - the highest point at 1,257 ft.  This is the US High Point #42 and our #34.  This was another tough one with a long 150 ft. trek from the car to the high point. 

After IN we stayed in OH another night then headed to Pittsburgh for a quick visit with my birth mom's husband, Hank.  Then it was back home to PA Dutch Campground.  

The original plan of this trip was to add an additional 5 high points (IL, IA, MN, WI, MI) but unfortunately things don't always work out as planned.  Days before our departure, while we were getting all of our directions together, we found out IL is on private property and the last day to visit this year was Labor Day weekend.  Ugghh!  So we altered our plans, only hit 2 high points and will get the rest next year.  Now we'll head to the Jersey shore with the RV for 2 weeks for some sun and R&R after those tough high points.  

Just before our little mini-driving trip we enjoyed a visit with RV friends (the 10-pac plus Jay & Joan) we met out west several years ago.  They are staying down the road at the Hersey Thousand Trails.  We set up an Amish dinner for 16 at a local farm and had a blast thanks to our wonderful hosts and helpers (no pictures permitted as they are Amish).

Til Next Time...Happy Trails! 

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