Wednesday, November 4, 2015


On Monday we left PA to work our way to AZ for the winter.  
Our site at PA Dutch - all packed up and bare again
Night 1 in a Wal-Mart in Ohio.  Yes, this is living!  

Nights 2 and 3 in Missouri.

Missouri - 2 days - 3 State Parks - 1 High Point

Big Oak Tree State Parkthe home of many current and past state and national champion trees—trees that are, for their species, the largest in the state or in the nation.
Champion TreesCircumferenceHeightSpreadPointsStatus
Pumpkin Ash118"150'77'357Alive
Rusty Blackhaw48"29"25'83Alive
Eastern Cottonwood288"114'76'421Died 1976
Slippery Elm264"115'60'394Died 1979
Shumard Oak205"134'86'361Died 1997
Bur Oak229"154'92'406Alive
Swamp Chestnut Oak272"156'104'454Alive
Pawpaw24"39'26'70Died 1980
Swamp Privet26"28'31'62Died 1959
Black Willow148"113'69'278Alive
We didn't see all of them but we sure did see impressively large trees!

An unplanned sunset by the Mississippi River - As we were driving back from the State Park we wanted to find a place along the river for a quick stop.  We didn't expect the perfect timing of the sunset and magnificent colors but we sure soaked it in!

Taum Sauk Mountain Sate Park - Also home of the Sate High Point (Taum Sauk Mountain - 1,772 ft.) - #35 for us!  

Next stops - The Mississippi High Point and Arkansas.

Til next time...Happy Trails!