Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Mexico and our winter destination, Arizona!

After driving 2 days from Arkansas to Albuquerque, NM we took a few days off to stay and enjoy the area.

This past 6 months we binge watched the series Breaking Bad after it was recommended by my brother and several others.  Since we were in it's filming town we decided to check out a few of the locations.  Those who have watched it should recognize these!

On our NM high point hike 2 years ago we met Deb & Kathy and they live in Albuquerque.  We called them up and met for dinner to catch up on the past 2 years.  Great seeing you!
It felt great to get out and stretch our legs on a morning hike.  We were used to hiking every morning and now we've missed almost 10 days while traveling.  Moxie was thrilled to finally be out of the RV and the Jeep and running around in the wilderness!  She was a great little traveler across the US!

Moxie's checking out the desert
After a little work on the RV we were on our way to sunny Arizona!  Our drive on Route 40 was beautiful and we were thrilled to see the mountains in the distance as we were approaching Flagstaff.  We climbed this mountain below (without the snow!), Humphrey's Peak, several years ago.  Ahhh!  To be back in the mountains!

I always laugh when I see this sign below on Route 17 from Flagstaff to Camp Verde.  Seriously?  If you need it what are you supposed to do for the next 10 miles?!  Thankfully all was well with our brakes and it was not needed.

Ahhh...the Verde Valley area!  We're back and will be here for the next 5 weeks!

In the few days we've been here we've been enjoying daily hikes, Jeep rides, star gazing (the black sky is amazing!), a meteor shower and even a therapy float in Sedona.  This is living!

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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