Saturday, June 25, 2011

Houseless but not homless

Welcome to Tom & Becky's Adventure.  From 3,000+ sq. ft. of solid home in Mount Gretna to 31' long x 8'4"wide on wheels...what an adjustment but one we are truly enjoying.  While we are finishing work in a week, our adventure has already begun.  We moved into our new home on wheels (AKA 'TB Free') on May 21, settled on our house on May 31 and have been living happily ever after since then.  Ok, so we've had a few bumps like our first campground having a little issue of e-coli in the water and then a small problem of having no power to our home (thankfully the part was under warranty), but hey, these things will happen and all is fixed. 

Simplify is our motto and we sure have done this.  Downsizing was quite the challenge but a great experience.  Did you ever realize how much stuff you have tucked away in those closets and cupboards?  Why did I need 3 pans of the same size?  Why did I need extras of almost everything and canned goods to last 10 years (many of which were out of date)...were the local stores going to go out of business tomorrow or were we going to get that huge storm of 5ft of snow so we'd be stranded for a month?  I don't think so!  So now we live with the bare necessities and it feels wonderful.  It doesn't take so long to pick out what you're going to wear in the morning when you only have a handful of things to pick from.  We can focus our energies on the great outdoors and the things that matter most to refreshing!

We'll be here at Outdoor World through July 13 then we travel a few miles up the road to Thousand Trails for 2 more weeks until July 26.  From there our plans are general and we'll keep you with us as we travel along the open road.  We hope you enjoy our blog as we enjoy the trip.  Don't forget to join us along the way...but only bring one carry-on bag!  Til next time...