Saturday, April 29, 2017

On The Road Again

Last Wednesday our 8 weeks in Cottonwood, AZ came to a close and it was time to rev up the RV and hit the road heading east.  We are still in shock at how quickly the time flew by but we sure had a fun time.  We surprised a few dear RV friends when they arrived at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.  Trudy did a triple take when, while driving into the park, she saw our Jeep, then our RV and then me sitting outside!  Alan was following in the RV with a big smile on his face.  What fun it is to see friends you have not seen in over a year.  We also snuck up on Ed and Sandy and loved seeing and hearing their reaction to Moxie running into their RV.

Sandy, Rita and I took a trip to Out of Africa to enjoy the amazing animals as well as enjoy some girl catch up time.

You cannot see it but there is celery in my mouth which they take right out!  

Nothing like a kayak down the Verde River on a warm sunny AZ day!  Thanks, Rita and Heather!

My brother's friend, Steve, flew in for Easter weekend and we were thrilled to see him twice while in town.  Glad you enjoyed AZ!  So great to see you, Steve.  I'm sure we'll catch you back in PA.

One last hike in Flagstaff which Tom swore I was trying to kill him on.  It started at 7,000ft and climbed (QUICKLY) to 9,300ft but was well worth the effort as we had amazing views and a first sighting for both of us!

Our very first sighting of a Horned Lizard (Horny Toad)

And then another one!  Look closely - he blends in very well.

Fatman's Pass
Alan just turned 70 so of course we had to have a gathering to celebrate and it was a great last visit before hitting the road again.  As they all say, we don't say goodbye but rather, see you down the road next time!  Missing you already, you silly group!

We are currently in New Mexico as we waited here for 4 days until a few storms got ahead of us.   I'll show you this beautiful area in another blog (hopefully soon).  Tomorrow we'll head out and land in Arkansas on Monday for a few days.  Hot Springs National Park here we come!

Til next time...Happy Trails!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Road Trip to Northern AZ/Southern UT

We packed up the Jeep and hit the road to Page, AZ for a 4 day adventure.

Horseshoe Bend - an incredible bend in the Colorado River.  We viewed it from the top but next time it would be great to kayak and camp down there!

Look close - that's Tom on the upper right
Antelope Canyon - Before our trip we were fortunate to meet the "founder" of this most beautiful place.  She pulled up in a truck and said hello.  She's 93 years old.  She was looking for one of her lost sheep when she wandered into this place.  After that she would take her sheep in here to shear them as it maintains a cool temperature during the hot weather.

Upper Antelope Canyon - this portion of the canyon is an A-shape as the canyon is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom.

Lower Antelope Canyon - this section is a V-shape with the top being wider than the bottom.  Both sections were amazing and beautiful in their own ways.

This is where you exit the canyon - just looking at it you would never know what is just below you!
Lake Powell - Wahweap Overlook

Rainbow Bridge - this natural wonder is in Utah.  You can only get here by boat or a 16 mile (one way!) hike.  This time we opted for the boat ride.  Next time I'd love to hike in.

Paria Canyon - Locals told us about a Jeep road this overlook and the start (or end?) of Paria Canyon.

We took the scenic route home from Page through Monument Valley and a stop at Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

It was a fabulous 4 day trip!  It's just amazing how incredible the scenery is in this section of the state.  We highly recommend this trip to anyone!

Til next time...Happy Trails!