Sunday, March 10, 2013

Death Valley and Ash Meadows

We are now in Pahrump, NV, approximate one hour drive to Death Valley National Park.  We've met up with Joe & Barb Clark (friends we met back east in 2011) and will be traveling together to Vegas and Cottonwood, AZ.  

Death Valley is so much more than we expected.  What a land of beauty.  It didn't hurt that we were there on a day of .57 inches of rain, which is very unusual to have in one shot in this area.  It completely changed the desert and waterfalls were in several areas where there is normally just rock and dust.  We love the area so much we canceled our second stay in Vegas and are going to stay in Death Valley at the Furnace Creek Ranch (in our RV) 4/29-5/13.

On our way to Death Valley we stopped in Rhyolite Ghost Town for a quick visit (strange little town!).

Tom, Becky, Barb and Joe - on the colorful couch in town

We took a 26 mile drive through Titus Canyon, in Death Valley.  Amazing views and variety were seen on this 2 hour drive.

Ubehebe Crater - even though you can't tell from the pictures, it was quite the windy day here in the Crater.  We plan to hike down into it and around it when we come back.  The 45 mile an hour winds were a bit of a deterrent this time.

On our drive back to the park on day 2, we had to stop in Death Valley Junction to fuel up on homemade pie and ice cream sundaes!  :-)

Rain...snow...more rain...waterfalls...clouds and sun...all in one beautiful day in Death Valley.
Higher Elevation on the way up to Dante's View - we had to turn around due to road conditions.  The road has since been closed so we'll have to go back in May.  This picture will be drastically different then. 

With the hard surface of the desert any significant rain brings lots of flooding and washes

a red waterfall from the rock in this area

Artists Palette

resident Coyotes

Badwater Basin - the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level

Notice the really small white sign up in the rocks above the road

This is what the sign says!  What a great way to show the perspective of what 282ft below sea level really is!
Why do many vehicles in Death Valley carry extra gas cans?
This is why!  OUCH!  Also, with over 700 miles of roads you certainly don't want to run out!

Mosaic Canyon and Salt Creek

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada.  This area has several species of the endangered Pupfish.

This caged in area is for view of where the Pupfish live.  This Devils Hole Pupfish only lives here.

Crystal Reservoir
Tomorrow we head to Vegas for 2 weeks.  We need to stop for a quick (hopefully) RV electrical repair before heading to our place in Vegas.  We're looking forward to hiking in the area as well as spending some time with Tom's cousin Joe (AKA Joey Vegas) and cousin Mark (from Ohio who will be in Vegas while we are there).  We may also enjoy a visit with my brother and his wife, Michael & Meghan, if they can get a quick getaway trip in.  Fun times ahead!

Til next time...Happy Trails!