Monday, March 6, 2017

Apache Junction, AZ

From Palm Springs, CA back to AZ for a few weeks in Apache Junction (east of Phoenix).  It was a quick 2 weeks with time spent catching up with family and friends.  For some reason I don't have many pictures from these 2 weeks but here are some desert hiking favorites and my little niece.
We had dinner with my sister, nephew, his girlfriend and their little girl, Rylee.  

We are now in one of our favorite places between Camp Verde and Cottonwood, AZ (just 30 minutes south of Sedona).  We are here for 6 weeks so we'll have lots of time to enjoy this beautiful area!

Til next time...Happy Trails!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Palm Springs, CA

It's been years since we were in Palm Springs so we thought it was time to stop in for a few weeks and re-explore the area.  We met up with some friends we had not seen in years, took in some hikes in Joshua Tree National Park and Borrego Springs and caught up with my brother, Danny, who lives in Carlsbad.

One of my most and least favorite things about our Palm Springs campground is all of the beautiful Palm trees.  They are wonderful to look at but not fun to navigate around when pulling the RV in and out of your site!

A Roadrunner checking out our campsite.  Moxie was not thrilled with his intrusion of her space!

lots of artichoke fields in this area
Enjoying the great outdoors:

Hiking on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)

Jeeping and hiking in Joshua Tree National Park

Borrego Springs - The Slot and badlands

Great day with my brothers, Danny and Michael, at the Palm Desert Zoo.

We took the tram up the mountain in hopes of finding some skiing for me.  No luck due to icy conditions so we hiked my skis around and enjoyed the beautiful views!

Til next time...Happy Trails.