Thursday, March 29, 2012

Springtime in Texas

We are in Columbus, Texas at a beautiful campground with the spring flowers in full bloom all around this area.

But before we talk about Texas we need to back up a few weeks to catch you up.  We enjoyed a few more weeks in Florida visiting with Tom's family and enjoying some R&R.  In this case the R&R stands for Relax and Recover.  We both ended up with a stomach virus (possibly something we ate) which made Tom very sick for several days and put me in the hospital for two days.  Our pickle ball days came to an abrupt halt after that.

Tom with Aunt Binnie & Uncle Nick

Thankfully we were recovered in time for our 2 week whirlwind back to PA...and I do mean whirlwind!  We planned to clean out our items stored at my dad's house and put it on the market with a realtor.  Little did we know that from a quick posting on Craig's list and two showings (on our own), we would sell dad's house immediately and then have the task of cleaning all of his stuff at the same time.  The idea of selling my childhood home, and especially one that my dad built with his own hands, was very difficult.  I am so thankful the sale came quickly and to an incredible couple, Kevin & Cindy, who truly appreciate the house for all that it is and will give it the love and caring that I had hoped for.
Dad's house - taking a break with Brenda and Joe

In between cleaning up stuff, throwing out stuff and giving away stuff we were fortunate to have a few fun times with friends and family.  We took Tom's grandkids out for a trout release in the local streams.  The boys had so much fun tossing those buckets of fish into the streams and watching the fish swim away.

Noah and Drew

We also managed to get a few hikes in with our dear friends Joe & Brenda.  While hiking a short section of the Horseshoe Trail we ran into 17 year old Julian who was hiking the entire trail during his spring break from High School.

Then with many tears shed (as I said goodbye to the house) we hopped on a plane and headed back to Florida for our final week.  This time we were in the Pensacola area and headed north to the highest point in FL at Britton Hill near the town of Lakewood.  This was a long and strenuous walk from the Jeep all the way over to the plaque marking the really high point of 345 feet.  Phew!  We had to rest after this accomplishment!  But we're happy to have one more high point checked off our list.  :-)  We also spent a little time checking out a few of the local state parks and their beaches.

Becky in the distance (ha ha) at the highest point

Blackwater River State Park

After FL we made a stop in New Orleans for a few days where we met my brother and his family.  We enjoyed some fabulous food (of course a few beignets!), took a Trolley Car ride and did a lot of people watching!
Michael, Meghan, Taite & Jax enjoying a meal in French Quarters

My nephews - Taite & Jax

Meghan & Becky on Bourbon Street

African Drum Circle

Jackson Square

From New Orleans we took a 8.5 hour drive to Columbus, Texas and settled in which brings us up-to-date and where we are now.  Yesterday we enjoyed a tour of the countryside and all of the beautiful flowers (pictures on top) on our way to the town of Brenham.  While in Brenham we stopped at the Blue Bell Creamery (not nearly as good as our local Turkey Hill Ice Cream!), the Antique Rose Emporium and Brenham Miniature Horses.  I even got to hold a baby girl horse less than 3 hours old!

We will be in Texas until the 12th and then we head out to Arizona for 7 weeks.

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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