Friday, May 17, 2013

Mt. Charleston, NV and Utah - Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

The bad news was we were stuck in Vegas until Monday, May 13.  The good news was we were stuck in Vegas that extra weekend so we had time to summit Mt. Charleston on Sunday, May 12!  :-)

Summit - 11,916ft: 17.5 miles, 9.5 hours, 4,000ft elevation gain - AWESOME HIKE and great training for Mt. Hood!

Mt. Charleston - we were approx. 4 miles from the top at this point

The t-shirts we are wearing in the summit picture are from which is a fun company out of Flagstaff, AZ.  They appreciate the beauty of the mountains and enjoy the great outdoors.  Check out their website and photo gallery (they have a few of our pictures posted)!

We have been in St. George, UT since Monday and have been enjoying drives and hikes around Zion National Park as well as Bryce Canyon National Park.  

Zion - on this trip we've explored more areas of the park in addition to the main/popular section.  We made it up to Kolob Canyon (the north tip of the park) as well as Kolob Terrace (this 20 mile drive winds in and out of the park in several areas; it is just west of the main entrance to the park).  What an incredible variety of landscape in these different places.

Kolob Canyon 

Observation Point - We enjoyed this hike so much in 2010 we decided to do it again.  Along the way we kept passing a bunch of kids (some cruising up the mountain and some struggling a bit).  We come to find out it's a group of 60 people (mostly kids but including some parents/chaperones and teachers).  They were from Kipp:  3-D Academy (Desire, Discipline, Dedication) out of Houston, TX.  They were kids who earned this trip by special behavior and hard work.  It turns out every one of the kids (and adults!) made it to the top of this 8 mile round-trip hike gaining over 2,000ft in elevation.  Way to go!  They were traveling around in UT and AZ with trips to the National Parks. This was an incredible group of people we are thankful to have met.  Best wishes to each of you!

Kolob Terrace

Bryce = Breathtaking!

On Sunday we start our 3-day road trip (approx. 1,058 miles), including 2 overnights in Wal-Mart parking lots, to our next destination of Welches, OR (near Mt. Hood).  We feel strong (and ready) for our climb and will watch the mountain weather closely to find the best day while we are there (May 21-June 4).  

Til next time...Happy Trails!


  1. Good luck on Mt Hood! Observation Point is one of my favorite hikes in Zion also. Best views of the canyon from up on top.

    Happy trails!

  2. Hi Tom and Becky,

    It was nice to meet both of you today on Mt Hood. My friend David and I enjoyed speaking with you both and hearing about your many adventures. Based on looking through your blog, you both have seen many great sites over the last couple of years. I especially liked your Zion and Brice NP posts and checked out your Florida post as well.

    What campground membership did you join? You had mentioned it on the hike but I can't recall now.

    Looking forward to seeing your Mt. Hood pictures,

  3. Very nice conversation, Thanks for sharing on your opinion about this field. I am looking forward to see more photos from you soon.

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