Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fun times with the Clarks in Huntsville, UT

We really enjoyed a 4 day visit with Joe and Barb Clark in the Huntsville/Ogden, UT area.  They are campground managers at Perception Campground which is one of 6 National Forest Campgrounds they oversee in the area.  Their park is remote and beautiful!  We were fortunate to see several of the local moose who visit the park on a regular basis.
Marty - after he ran out of the bushes and scared the heck out of me, he wandered a few feet away to have his morning breakfast and trim the bushes

Tom - testing out the manager role.   :-)

The host and hostess with the mostest!
Although they were working (very hard I may add!), we got to steal them away for a few short trips and of course to enjoy some ice cream at Dairy Queen (a favorite for the 4 of us).  Just a short drive up the mountain from their campground is a great spot for spectacular sunsets!

Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake - We found this remote spot in Reader's Digest Off the Beaten Path and come to find it's also in 1,000 Places To See Before You Die.  This counterclockwise coil (15 feet wide and 1,500 feet long) was built of mud, salt crystals, basalt rocks, earth and water.  It was conceived by an American sculptor and completed in 1970 but spent most of the time under water until it re-emerged in 2002.

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is a 74,000-acre refuge with lush marshes at the mouth of the river where it flows into the Great Salt Lake.  Although it is very dry this time of year we still saw many birds in the area (but didn't get many close up pictures).  We can only imagine what it would look like when the waters are up and the migrations are in full swing.  A Middle Creek (times 100) in Utah (our PA friends will know all about Middle Creek)!

Tuesday we arrived in Green River, UT and we will be in this area until August 30th.  We plan to enjoy lots of sightseeing, hiking and kayaking around Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Moab.

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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