Thursday, February 5, 2015

AZ Getaway

I admit it - I'm a wimp to the cold now!  This was not what I expected to see while in PA last fall.
We didn't think the RV would ever be in snow again!
pretty but not deep enough to ski

Moxie didn't seem to mind it - her first snow!
While Tom was shivering in his tree stands (even though he won't admit to that) I decided to hop on a plane and spend some time in warm AZ.
school day for my nephew, Taite
school day for my nephew, Jax
 A dear friend we met in Washington now settled down with his girlfriend in Tucson.  I coordinated with Audrie to surprise Jake one night in Phoenix.  He didn't know where he was going but knocked on the door of a stranger's house and was invited in for Indian food.  As Jake goes along with most everything he happily entered the house to the surprise of me sitting in the living room.  Great time catching up with you, Jake, and getting to know Audrie as well.  Thanks guys!  I'm sure our paths will cross again on the road one day and we look forward to it!
Audrie & Jake - an evening spent catching up by the fire at my brother's house in Phoenix

Taite made it to the top with us!

I was able to surprise my nephew, Timmy, meet his girlfriend, Alison, and my new niece, Rylee.  I also had fun catching up with my sister, Jo.
my niece, Rylee

Timmy, Rylee and Jo

Timmy, Rylee and Alison
 Dear RV friends, Jay & Joan, are in Yuma for the winter so Michael and I took a trip down to see them and headed over the border to Mexico for lunch and shopping.
 We caught a Fleetwood Mac show in Phoenix!  What a great performance!
Fleetwood Mac show with Meghan & Michael

Taite and Jax creating a masterpiece with dad

Meghan & I enjoyed the crab legs on my last night in town

Merry Christmas!
Another dear RV friend, Sandy Smith, stopped by to pick me up and take me to the airport.  We enjoyed lunch together and time catching up.  We had so much fun talking that I forgot to get a picture of her!  Sorry, Sandy!  But thanks for taking the time to see me.  It was such fun, as always!

Did I mention Tom was back in PA freezing in his tree stand!  His choice, of course.  :-)

Sunny adventures in FL coming up next!

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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