Thursday, February 18, 2016

Winter in Tucson, AZ

Mt. Lemmon
Saguaro National Park

Yes, these 2 pictures were taken within days of each other but obviously at different elevations.  The rain we had down in the city in early January created the most beautiful winter landscape up in the mountains!  We had the privilege of ringing in the New Year with our first hike on January 2nd with our adventure friends Jake & Audrie (who are currently living in Tucson - yeah!).

Even though I often say I don't want to live back in the cold and snow I still enjoy the beauty of it (just for a short visit).  After the road re-opened to Mt. Lemmon I couldn't resist driving up the 27 mile winding path to get a close-up glimpse (and feel).  I also took a drive south to see the highest point in southern AZ (also snow covered).  I'm waiting for Mt. Wrightson to thaw a bit so I can catch some views from the summit at 9,453 ft.

Hiking continues to be my biggest joy while Tom is enjoying catching up on pickleball time.  There are 10 courts at our park and it's easy to find lots of players every day.

Very close to us is a system of trails for Mountain Biking called Fantasy Island.  We love going over there and have found an 11 mile loop which is enjoyable and challenging without killing us.  The names of the trails are cute and there are many things to see along the ride - Bunny Trail (bunnies of every type you can imagine - include some live Jack Rabbits larger than Moxie!), Snake, Bunnies Revenge, Rez and Fire have been our favorites so far.  We accidentally found our way to the difficult section on our first ride and steered clear of that even since!

The Bunny Trail - as noted by many different bunnies along the way
Nothing like a moonlight hike to see the sunset and the moon rise!  Rita, Sandy and Ed joined us for this fun time in Patagonia Lake State Park.

AZ has some of the most fabulous sunsets!  As Jake & Audrie call it, Butter Light.  So appropriately named!

Boyce Thompson Arboretum had an Australian tribute day so we took a trip and met Tom's hometown friends, Tommy & Clare, to listen to the Didgeridoo concert and tour the grounds.  I just love the sounds of this as my first exposure was in Australia on the Outback.  

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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