Sunday, March 13, 2016

Post #100 since we started almost 5 years ago!

Wow - 100 posts since May, 2011!  I know I'm a numbers person but don't worry, I did not go back and count them.  I just happened to notice the total when I started this blog as it gives me the numbers where I save all my blogs.  I keep thinking about discontinuing this but it's fun for us to look back at this life "diary" in a sense.

So the real reason I'm blogging today is in hopes of catching up to current times.  I've been slacking a bit and I always think of Susan C. and Vivian giving me grief when I don't post too often!  This will be a quickie with pics of recent hikes and scenery.
Now that the weather has turned so warm these critters are back out.
I almost ran over him with my bike!  Yikes!
Even though we're in the desert there are still several great hikes in the area with waterfalls and pools.  They become quite popular in the summer months.  Sabino Canyon is an especially popular place for these water hikes and so very beautiful.  Hutch's Pools and Seven Falls are both in the Sabino Canyon area.

Hutch's Pools - a fun girls hike with Rita!

Seven Falls

Picacho Peak is a fun (but steep!) hike we completed several years ago, when first in the area, and we figured it'd be a perfect training hike/workout to get ready for our Hawaii high point in April.

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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