Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Zealand (Part 3)

Mount Cook - the highest point in New Zealand but too dangerous for this East Coast girl to climb!  It was still incredible to view through the little break in clouds that we got.

Mount Cook Buttercups

chunks of the glacier floating in the lake

Sheep Shearing in Omarama - We got an up-close demonstration of sheep shearing.  They are known for their Merino Wool and we got to purchase Ice Breaker clothing here.  What an amazing process.  This sheep had its first shearing and she didn't seem too happy about it but was generous enough to pose for a picture before her haircut.

Akaroa - a great little town and another cruise, this time to see the smallest dolphins, the Hector Dolphin.

Final days - drive to Christchurch and touring around the city.

The trip of a lifetime!  I would highly recommend New Zealand to anyone.  Just make sure to stay at least a month as there is so much to see and it takes so long to get there!  Thank you Rita Morgan for being the best tour guide!

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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