Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Visit "Home"

It had been 10 months since we had been "home" and over 2 years since we had the RV "home".  We had a great time visiting with friends and family and reacquainting ourselves to the area (and non-stop changes; new houses, stores, malls, etc.) May 1-June 19.

Our first order of business was having our first on-board guest with us on moving day (from VA to PA).  In a previous blog I mentioned meeting "PA System", an AT thru-hiker from Mt. Holly (who we met in VA).  Due to an injury, and perfect timing of our travels, we were able to bring him back to his home in PA.

Our 9 year old grandson, Drew, is involved in many sports and so we were able to catch the end of his soccer season.
proud soccer mom and dad, Andy & Becky (Tom's daughter)

Our grandson, Noah, age 6.5, is also involved in sports and we caught the last of his t-ball season.

sleepy t-ball sister, Sophia

proud t-ball mom, Holly (Tom's daughter)  
Fun family times...
Pap & Gigi with Noah and Sophia

Sophia's first birthday party!

Memorial Day picnic with Tom's cousins - Tom, Becky, Joyce Tommy, Diane, Donna, Micky

Uncle Walter!

The Boyers in Jim Thorpe (Becky's family) - Tom, Becky, Uncle Richard, Cousin Annette, Aunt Edie & Uncle Randy

Fun times with friends...
Brenda & Joe

Jay & Becky
We were invited to a Mother's Day luncheon with our buds...
Brenda and mom, Betty

Wally and son, Joe

the mothers - Betty & Joan
Mexican dinner with Susan, Jen, Trish, Becky, Tom

Crab night!  Andrew, Joe & Brenda

Jeff & Laurie

Diana & Heidi
girls day out - Becky, Judy, Cindy & Brenda

Diane & Jere

Matt & Michelle

girls hiking day - Becky, Brenda, Shiraz and Becky

Tom found his geocache a friend, Dan Levidan, placed in his honor - "Where in the world is Tom Poremba"

Susan, Mary Ellen, Diana & Pam

Bob & Perette

The Mars Boys - Dan, Troy, Tom & Jay
Time for a Phillies game with the boys (and they even won for a change!)...

The Phanatic's Birthday Celebration

We took the boys with us for 8 days to Lake Glory Campground near Knoebels. What a fun week of fishing, going to the park, family reunion and just time together!

Gigi caught the smallest fish in the lake!

Pap & the boys all geared up for fishing

Noah on the water slide

Drew on the water slide

 Here's another small world meeting!  I used to work out with Charlotte at the gym many years ago.  We ended up in the same pavilion (right next to each other) at Knoebels.  It's been over 10 years since we've seen each other!

the boys picked flowers for me!  

building bird boxes

Tom's family reunion

celebrating Pap's birthday
We are now in the Poconos until Thursday then we will head to New York for 3 weeks and onto Maine after that.
Til next time...Happy Trails!

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