Thursday, July 3, 2014

High Point #26 and #27

#26 - Ebright Azimuth, DE - 447.85 ft (yes, it says that on the sign) - this was a tough one!  Park in a neighborhood, look both ways, cross street and summit!

they accidentally covered the geological marker with the sidewalk so they cut the sidewalk out around it
Yesterday we bagged High Point (and that is the name of this high point in NJ) #27!  1,804ft.  Approximately 4 mile round trip hike on the AT to Monument Trail to the top.  Another relatively easy but beautiful hike to keep adding on to our list.

in the hot tower at the top

and to top off the nice day we saw this handsome bear on the drive back to the RV

Yes, I do have a blog to catch up on from the time we were "home" in PA.  It's coming soon so hang tight!  :-)

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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