Monday, July 25, 2011


1.  Where are you going next?  Tomorrow we leave for the Poconos for 2 weeks, Cape Cod for 2 weeks, southern Maine for 3 weeks (3 days will be spent in Baxter to hike in the park and climb Katahdin), NJ shore for 2 weeks and then we'll see where we end up after that.  Although, even this plan may change if we find we love an area and need more time to explore.  That's the beauty of this adventure...we can change our plans as long as we can book a campground!

2.  Is there anything you miss that you don't have with you anymore?  NO!  We love living simply.  You'd be surprised at how little you can manage with and we even have lots more than the bare necessities.  

3.  Have you killed each other yet?  Seriously, this is a question we get frequently.  I know, some have told us there is no way they could live so closely with their spouse but so far we are loving it!  Not saying we don't bump into each other and get into each others way, but we have enjoyed this time together.  We don't spend that much time inside the RV but more time in the great outdoors.
4.  Do you plan to sleep in a Wal-Mark parking lot?  I confess, we do.  It's a simple way of getting a quick rest on the way to a far off destination (plus...this is on Tom's bucket list!).  

5.  How long do you plan to be on this adventure?  We originally told ourselves one year but then thought why should we put a limit on it.  If in 6 months we are not enjoying it then we will settle back down.  If in 5 years things are still going great then we'll keep going!  We've heard so many stories of people intending to do this for a year and then 10-15 years later they are still "full-timers".  We'll see how it goes for us.  

If you have another question don't hesitate to send it our way.
Happy trails!   

Sky Ride at Knoebels


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