Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our days...

People ask, "what have you been doing now that you're retired?"  Well, we're not truly retired as I do still work part-time and we'll get odd jobs along the way.  But here's what we've been doing recently:

Pike2Bike - if you like to bike you need to check out this trail close to Breezewood, PA.  It's an old section of the PA Turnpike turned into a bike path but now noted it's closed and "enter at your own risk".  The sign does not deter many as there were 6 cars in the lot on the Friday we ventured out.  It's a 17.1 mile round trip ride (out and back) going through 2 old tunnels.  You must have a headlamp or strong bike light as the tunnels are pitch black.  A little eeerie at first but a very unique ride.  One tunnel is 3500ft. long and the second is 6800ft. long (just over one mile so there is no seeing the other side when you enter).  On this ride we were fortunate enough to see a group of 5 coyotes and 1 deer up close.  It was also prime raspberry picking time so I had many stops along the way to fill my belly.

It's been a little too hot to bike and hike every day so we've spent lots of time poolside.  Tom finished a little project of building us a PVC drying rack which hangs on the back of our rig (ha - that's RV talk for our home).  We enjoyed the family reunion at Knoebels and also had our grandkids for a sleepover which included fishing, catching minnies, lots of pool time and of course ice cream eating!  We've spent much time over the past few weeks enjoying time with family and friends and what we are doing is finally starting to sink in as we say our goodbyes (boo hoo). 

We're wrapping up our last few days close to home and prepare to head out to the Poconos on Tuesday.  Happy trails!        

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