Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area

This is one of our favorite areas in PA.  Beautiful hiking, kayaking and wildlife.  We've enjoyed two action packed weeks here and in the area.

Our dear friends, Brenda & Joe, visited for a weekend and as always we had a fantastic time.  Miss you guys!
sighting of a HUGE bear (approx. 500 lbs) on our way to kayaking

Callie's Pretzel Factory - Tom is a huge pretzel fan so we had to stop when we noticed this pretzel factory!  Yummy!

We also got to spend a day with my Aunt Edie and Uncle Randy at Jim Thorpe.  Great day - thanks!  See you in September!
View from Penn's Peak

Another PA section of the AT in the books!  I only have 54 more miles of the trail in PA to go after this 16 mile hike with Sherpa, trail name of an AT thru-hiker, on Sunday.  Sherpa (friend of friends - from York) was dropped off on the trail in Georgia in March and we've followed him north ever since.  We kept hoping to meet up with him but were always a little ahead of him.  Finally he caught up and I got to enjoy a day on the trail with him and he camped out at our RV for the night.  We hiked from Wind Gap into New Jersey. Another state done for Sherpa and only 900 miles to go.  Keep on trekking!

AT thru-hikers - Bison, Sherpa, Longbow, Little Spoon and Kozi

another bear sighting!

Sherpa reaches NJ!

a well deserved cold beer after 16 miles on the trail
A long-time friend from home now lives near where we are staying so we got to have a girls day on the river!  Great to see you, Kristen.  See you in the fall!
And one final day of great hiking before heading north.  We hiked to Sunfish Pond and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and unfortunate sighting of 2 snakes (I HATE snakes).  We heard of two sightings of a momma bear and 3 cubs but unfortunately we did not run into them.

In the morning (Thursday) we are leaving for New York (with our sights on 5 more high points-NY, VT, CT, MA, RI) but will be back in September.

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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  1. I love looking at your pics, and the scenery is beautiful, but all I can think of is running into spider webs!!!.....Gene and I hope you have a great time in the New England States!!!..........see you again! Love to both of you!