Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wrapping up in New York

Our three weeks in NY have come to an end but the time here was fantastic.  We'll definitely be back to spend more time in the Adirondacks and Catskills.  Magnificent area!

There are so many trails in the Adirondacks you'd need to spend years here to hike all of them (sounds like a fun thing to do!).  Here's just one of the few we were able to hike during our brief time in the area.  Pharoah Mountain via Crane Pond

Of course we had to get two more high points in while close by.  We can't believe we bagged #30 and #31 already and #32 is coming up tomorrow in Rhode Island.  After Rhode Island the east coast is finished and we won't hit another one for at least a year or so.

High point #30 - Mount Frissell So Slope, CT - 2,372ft - This was a short but very steep hike to the top of Mount Frissell and then back DOWN (yes, I said down) to the highest point in CT.  This is 1 of 3 high points which are actually not on the summit.  The summit of Frissell is in MA and so you must hike down from the summit to reach the highest point in CT.  

High point #31 - Mount Greylock, MA- 3,491ft. - Unfortunately due to weather we had to drive to the top of this one.  The AT runs right past this high point so I plan to hike up to it one day.

Ausable Chasm - Adventure course, hiking and tubing all in one day!  What an adventure and amazing day!  Let's make a little note here - I'm afraid of heights!  After the adventure we took a ferry over to Burlington, VT to add even more fun to a great day.
Tom - coming up the rope ladder

We actually walked across this thing!

This is crazy!

I need to push off this rock to slide to the other side?!  What???

Minnewaska State Park - a great place for hiking and biking.

Tom - always getting the best angle for the best photo!

my new little friend (a baby duck) eating right out of my hand

Yikes!  We did NOT swim here!  :-)

Off to CT for one night while we hit the high point in RI then onto Maine.

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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