Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Acadia National Park

Although we've been to Acadia several times we really got to enjoy the Park in depth this time in our 2 weeks in the area. Most days we drove into Acadia for some hiking and biking (total of 44 miles of hiking and 83 miles of biking).  I had hoped to hike most of the trails but greatly underestimated the time it takes to hike short miles in this park (lots of steep ups and downs - boulders, ladders, etc.).  We also met so many great people on the trails and in town.  Hope to see you again Greg & Kim,  Pete & Linda and Nick & Lorraine.  We really enjoyed meeting each of you!

There's not much to say about the Park which cannot be expressed in the beauty of photographs so I'll let you enjoy the views.
ladders on the Beehive Trail

I had to enjoy lots of tasty lobsters.  Tom's allergic so I had to eat extra for him!

Eagle Lake - from the Carriage Roads

Sand Beach - that water is a little too cold for our liking!

Tide-pooling at low tide

Boulder fields and lots of boulder steps

Precipice Trail

Precipice Trail

going up...

and up and up and up

Tom napping after a long hike.  :-)
We met Greg & Kim in the parking lot on the start of a hike (early risers like us - it was 7am).  We said a few hellos (after we mistook them for another couple) and went our separate ways on separate trails.  Little did we know we'd meet up again a few hours later at a nice stream and so we sat down and talked for a while.  They are spending time every month for a year hiking the trails in Acadia.  Great job, Greg & Kim!  Greg has lost 50lbs during this great adventure and is planning to run a marathon.  You can check out their hikes by clicking on their blog.  Then as we were resting at the end of the hike they came down the trail and so we had our 3rd meeting of the day.  Funny how things happen!  Hope we see you two when we are in Wells, ME in the beginning of September.
Greg & Kim

Tidal Falls

We went swimming (not skinny dipping this time) in Sargent Mtn Pond.
So refreshing after climbing the mountain to get there.

Well deserved Popovers at Jordon Pond House.  Everyone on the trail said we MUST go there.
They were right - thanks!

View from Jordan Pond House

Biking in Schoodic (the other side of Acadia which is much less traveled and just as beautiful).
Thank you, Nick & Lorraine, for taking this picture.  Great talking with you and hope we meet you in FL this winter!

lots of blueberry snacking on the trails this time of year

We met Pete and Linda on the Jordan Cliffs Trail.  We enjoyed the company and conversation to get us up the steep and sometimes tricky trail to the top of Penobscot Mountain.  Great meeting you and hearing of your incredible stories.  Hope we see you in Ohio next year!
Pete & Linda - Penobscot Mountain
Cadillac Mountain is said to be the place where the sun first touches the US.

We now head to my cousin's house in Detroit, Maine and from there will take a camping trip to Baxter State Park as well as a 10 day camping adventure in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Looking forward to exploring a little bit of Canada and meeting up with our pickleball teachers and friends, Garth & Rosemary, who we met in FL in 2011.  They live in PEI.

Til next time...Happy Trails!   

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