Friday, September 12, 2014

Off the grid

While in Maine we took 3 days to go off the grid in Baxter State Park.  And it felt wonderful!  We (not just Tom and I but all of society) get too caught up with e-mails, the internet, Facebook and technology in general and miss the beauty of what is around us.  Going to a park which still has no cell service, no electricity and no running water is so REFRESHING!

We enjoyed quality time together, camping, hiking and time with the couple next to us - Mike, Amy and Juniper.  They were enjoying the solitude for a week with their almost one year old (way to go!).  
Our next door neighbors - Mike, Juniper and Amy

We had a unique experience in the park with being able to rent kayaks - paddle across a lake, hike, pick up another kayak, paddle across another lake and then hike again - turn around and do it all in reverse to get back to the parking lot.  What fun!

We had a wonderful time with my cousin, Lamar, and Betsy.  Great seeing you again!  Your "campsite" is our favorite!  :-)
Betsy and Jean

View from our "campsite" at their house - Jean is checking out my bike (I spoiled her with apples daily)

an ice cream treat while house shopping for their new home

Lamar spoils us with wonderful meals!

creek crossing on the AT

Next post will be from our trip to Canada (I'm catching up!).  We are now back in PA and will be in the area until 12/26 before heading south for warmer weather.

Til next time...Happy Trails!

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  1. Hello from Bath, Maine! It was so nice spending time with you two at Baxter. You got us pumped for lots of future (but not-too-future) travel with Juniper. She's walking now. Watch out! Tom, I hope you got a glimpse of those Northern Lights a couple weeks ago. Becky, I'm getting lots of use out of my Platypus "decanter" - I see it even made it into the photo above. We wish you lots of continued fun. Sending love from Maine! - Amy (and Mike and June Bug)